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Oklahoma State University

First Cowgirl Wellness Tips

Ann Hargis and Elizabeth Lohrman

The First Cowgirl at OSU makes wellness a priority in her life. Below are a few of her personal Cowgirl Wellness principles.

  • Dust off your boots (or tennis shoes) and get movin’
  • Embrace your quiet Cowboy and take some time for yourself
  • Eat your fruits and veggies – Cowboys need colorful plates
  • Whether it’s ridin’, ropin’, or walkin’, enjoy the great outdoors
  • Give or receive a big ole Cowboy Hug
  • Get enough shut-eye
  • Do something everyday that your orange heart loves
  • Be a Tobacco Free Cowboy
  • Spread some Cowboy Kindness
  • Hug a pup and practice unconditional love
  • Slow Down the Hurry – coined by the Amish, but embraced by this Cowgirl