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Oklahoma State University

Women for OSU

Ann Hargis

I have been inspired on numerous occasions by Women for OSU.  This diverse group of women never ceases to amaze me with their spirit of giving.   Harnessing their creativity and resources, they seek to make a difference in the lives of others.

The university has a long history of generous women who have not only made a difference at OSU, but have gone on to make a difference in their community.  Women like Angie DeBoe, and Jessie Thatcher Bost were instrumental in laying the groundwork for future generations.  Today, a council of women carries on the tradition of women making a difference on campus and in their community.

Women for OSU enhances philanthropic activities by channeling passions and strengthening relationships on behalf of the university.  I encourage you to learn more about these women making a difference by visiting The Women for OSU website.